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Cyber Security Analyst

Data Analyst

Data Technician

IT Support Engineer

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We have a range of different roles to choose from. Security, data, support each with a distinct focus but all with overlapping and transferable skills.

Information Technology is an ever evolving and exciting career path. The role you choose now is just a starting point and not what you will be doing forever.

Why Choose Digital Samurai

Fast growing company

We are a fast growing company taking on clients from a range of industries and delivering new projects in a variety of bleeding edge technologies. 

Career Progression

Small company means big opportunity. We have big plans for massive growth which means lots of opportunity to change roles and move up the ladder.

Fast moving technology

Data is what powers all the latest technologies from predictive analytics to Artificial Intelligence. Every month new technology is released for you to learn.

Our full support

We are with you at every point of your course. You will get hands on projects to deliver for clients whilst learning and completing your course work.

What You'll Get To Do

  • 01 - Cyber Security Analyst

  • 02 - Data Analyst

  • 03 - Data Technician

  • 04 - IT Support Engineer

Cyber Security is a very large subject covering People, Procedure and Technology. Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Vulnerability Management, EDR, MTR, XDR, all are used and you will get your hands on all the tools we use to protect and secure systems.

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  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Data Analyst
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