We provide data management, migration, analytics and cyber security services using industry-leading software managed by accredited data and cyber professionals.

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Reveal valuable data trends with custom dynamic dashboards.

The Samurai of feudal Japan dedicated themselves to lifelong learning and being the best they could be at everything they did. Martial arts, farming, caligraphy, poetry, everything. At Digital Samurai we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting our skills and knowledge in data, analytics and cyber security.

And because, in ths digital age we are processing more data every day, our flexible and highly cost-effective services help businesses maintain data integrity, confidentiality and availability, unlock the value data can provide, and ensure business continuity at all times.

"IDC estimates that in 2025, the world will create and replicate 163 zettabytes of data, representing a tenfold increase from the amount of data created in 2016". That is a lot of data to mine, analyse, protect and manage inside and outside your business, on premise and in the cloud!  
About us
Data management
Data only ever seems to grow in size. The more you have the more expensive it is to store. We can advise and design data management and storage solutions to fit the needs of your business on prem or in the cloud.
Data migration
Migrating data from one application to another can feel like you are trying to put asquare peg in a round hole. Our proven methodology can Extract, Transform and Load your data into its final destination.
data preparation
Data is rarely held in the correct format for the latest business needs. Over time without proper care the quality can also drop. We can help cleanse and quality check your data. Ask about DataOps.
data integration
A business over time usually ends up with multiple data silos. In order for your business to function that data must flow between systems, departments and especially between applications.

Our Data Services
and Solutions

We use data to answer some of the most important questions like 'Who are my most and least profitable customers?', 'Which markeing campaigns have the best ROI?', 'Are we really alone in the universe?'. OK, not the last one we will leave that one to SETI.

No matter what the business challenge is, most can be improved by gathering data, analysing results and testing solutions. Good data informs good decisions, bad data however can get you into bigger problems.

Unleash the full power of your data

Everything you need to help your customers and help you grow


Managed Instances

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Instances Monitored

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Instances MIGRATED

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TB of Data migrated

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how can good analytics help earn you more money?

Storing and protecting data is good, analysing and mining is better but monetising your data is best.

In the legal sense you need to have a reason to store someones data. So financially it makes sense to have a reason too otherwise you are paying to store data which his nothing but a cost to your business. Turn that cost centre into a profit centre with Analytics.

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Spot the trends

A picture tells 1000 words but an interactive dashboard tells 1000 stories. Spotting and joining trends can make the difference between profit and loss.


Reveal the insight

Being able to reveal deep understanding of the issues your business and your customers face will lead you to finding better solutions to help serve both.


Data driven decisions

Good data leads to good decision making but bad data can lead to fatal mistakes. If you think AI is going o help just remember AI is built on data models. Bad data models just means a faster bad decision.



In the times of Dashboards and AI, the old fashioned report is often neglected. Paginated reports are still one of the most useful repors to show a point in time snapshot of what is happening in your business.

Cyber Security

Secure your Business with Expert Cyber Security

cyber security

find out how we can help secure your organisation

Cyber security is not a one solution fix. You need multiple layers to create a Defence in Depth strategy to mitigate and reduce the risk across several areas of your businss.

It only takes one user clicking on one link while suffering a bad day for a business to be put at risk. As Cyber Security professionals we have to monitor and protect every user, on every device, using any service at all times in order to protect your business.

cyber security
Information Protection

Hackers are after your data, usually to sell or to hold ransom for a sizable sum of money but losing data through accident can also be detrimental to a companies reputation.

cyber security
multi factor authentication

One of the easiest ways to protect your systems and their data is through multi factor authentication. This makes it harder for bad actors to gain access to systems and users are familiar making it easy to roll out.

cyber security
awareness training

The greatest ROI for cyber security comes from Awareness Training. By educating end users about attack vectors and what they should do, you can significantly reduce cyber incidents and their repercusions.

cyber security
Dark web scanning

Knowing your credentials have been compromised is half the battle. By scanning the dark web for your details youcan ensure your password protection policy is being followed and passwords are changed once notified.



What is the most common question a DBA hears?

"Is the database running slow?". Without a DBA you might never know for sure with a DBA, problem solved


High availability

A database needs to be available for every user at any time. Without it everything grinds to a halt. We use a variety of technologies to keep your systems up and running.



The DBA's are the guardians of your data platform. We monitor and ensure only authoirised access to your databases.



The last line of defence from both accidental deletion or data corroption are your backups. Backups are good but without a test restore they are useless.


We keep your Data platforms running

Behind every application is a store of data and in front of every data platform is a DBA ensuring the Availability, Integrity and confidentiality of your data.Our DBA's are experienced in the management of SQL Server Instances raning in the single standalone instances to the hundreds.

 These skills range from AlwaysOn Availability Groups to log shipping. On premise or in the cloud, we manage them all.

Digital Samurai Case studies

Data, SQL, and Database Solution Case Studies

SQL Server Sprawl leading to high SQL Server License Costs

Our client had a business that was growing organically and through acquisitions of smaller businesses.

The growth over the years had become large and scattered.The landscape covered various versions of the same software; SQL Server versions 7 to 2012. These versions were all old at the time and a few were well out of support with the vendor (Microsoft) leaving their business at risk from running on unsupported as well as unpatched software vulnerabilities.

Migrating financial data to a new accounting system

Finance has to be to the penny and we would not have it any other way. We were tasked with migrating financial data of a £70 million turnover company's accounts into a much larger billion turnover business due to a recent acquisition.

It needed to be completed accurately and quickly to coincide with group reporting dates. The migration was between two accounting packages - the source was Sage 200 and the destination was OpenAccounts. They needed an expert data management company with experience and a solid data migration methodology to accurately complete the migration.

SQL Processes overrunning process window

Process run times had started to increase and this inevitably happens with increased data loads over time. Spreading out the job start times had worked in the past but this was no longer possible due to the increased processing time needed to execute the jobs.

Something else needed to give and there were only two options - increase the specifications of the server at increased cost or optimise and re-write the code. Digital Samurai worked with the client to remedy their problem by optimising their code, saving the client's time and money.

SQL Server estate required patching

Getting stuck on an old version of SQL leaves you at risk to potential security vulnerabilities. The longer you leave it, the harder it can be to finally make that move to the current version. Patching SQL can be stressful if you do not have an adequate roll back plan and the skills to implement it.

As a result, the update gets pushed back further and further until there are so many updates to apply you fear doing it at all. Luckily, Digital Samurai can help by run updates, migrate data to new versions of SQL and ensure that your SQL Server is running perfectly.

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