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Great data informs great decisions.

Set the framework for your business with industry-leading data administration, cybersecurity, data migration, and business dashboards.

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Hundreds of Successful Data Solutions

Digital Samurai makes data administration simple for companies and unlocks the value hidden within your organisation's data.

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Our Data Services and Solutions

Digital Samurai are your data-focused partner and database administration consultants. We manage, analyse, migrate and protect your data with industry-leading software managed by expert data administrators, while keeping the entire process as seamless and as convenient as possible.

Take your first step towards becoming a data driven business with the help of our talented database administration consultants.

DBA as a Service

Our flagship 'Database Administration as a Service' solution where we boost your brand with vital data administration skills.

SQL Consultancy

For a more dedicated SQL Server resource, our SQL consultants can provide skills needed to cover any gap, large or small.

Data Migration

Want to extract, transform and load data to and from different applications and formats? Contact us for a data migration.

Cloud Services

Work with our team of cloud experts for Azure SQL Database, Azure Managed Instances and Azure data cloud solutions.

Data Visualisation

Add a little flair to your reporting with some paginated reports, interactive dashboards, and custom data visualisation software.

Cyber Security

From EndPoint Protection to Vulnerability Management, we have the right skills and technology to secure your company.

Book a free consultation with one of our data specialists or cybersecurity experts today.

Unlock The Secrets Hidden In Your Data

Avoid catastrophes with our data migration and DBA solutions.

Many companies find that, over time, their databases start to become unmanageable. Companies frequently set up new databases as a result of acquiring other brands, introducing new products, or implementing new services.

As a result, your business could have several databases spread across many different locations, clouds, and other storage systems.

Employees in two different offices could be working with two entirely different sets of data; but how do you know which database is correct, and how do you maintain them over time?

In most cases, there needs to be a single, secure, centralised master database with verified data.

Digital Samurai fixes these database problems for you and ensures that you'll never have to deal with data verification issues, data corruption, or unmanageable databases ever again.

With our range of data migration, data verification, and data cleansing solutions, you can feel comfortable knowing that all of your company's data is accurate, up-to-date, appropriately backed up, and held in a high-performance database that's optimised for speed and security.

Desktop monitor showing a dashboard from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Reveal valuable data trends with custom dynamic dashboards.

Data shouldn't just be stored; it should be leveraged and used to expand your business.

However, many managers and companies find that it's hard to quickly generate accurate, useful, and valuable business reports from company data and databases.

With Digital Samurai's new data visualisation solution called Singularity, you can generate hundreds of dynamic custom dashboards with live data.

Our data visualisation solution integrates seamlessly with over 150 data sources including HubSpot, AWS, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Salesforce, and others.

Identify data trends, compare performance metrics, and quickly visualise dense business data with Singularity

Want to book a demo or learn more about Singularity? Click on the button below.

Safeguard your company against cyber threats today.

According to Sophos, 94% of companies experienced a cyber attack in 2022.

Cyber attacks, ransomware, and malware are becoming far more dangerous and companies like yours need to take proactive steps to safeguard their systems, set up robust backup plans, and create disaster recovery systems that work.

Digital Samurai's range of cybersecurity solutions ensures that your company doesn't end up as a statistic.

With industry-leading cybersecurity software, robust anti-malware and anti-ransomware solutions, next generation firewalls, and real-time intrusion detection, you can feel safe knowing that Digital Samurai is monitoring and securing your company at all times.

Contact us for a demo or click on the button below to learn more about our cybersecurity solutions.

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Data, SQL, and Database Solution Case Studies

  • SQL Consolidation

  • Data Migration

  • SQL Performance Tuning

  • SQL Patching

  • Application Integration

SQL Server Sprawl leading to high SQL Server License Costs

Our client had a business that was growing organically and through acquisitions of smaller businesses. The growth over the years had become large and scattered.

The landscape covered various versions of the same software; SQL Server versions 7 to 2012. These versions were all old at the time and a few were well out of support with the vendor (Microsoft) leaving their business at risk from running on unsupported as well as unpatched software vulnerabilities.