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Bad data informs bad decisions; great data informs great decisions. Digital Samurai makes data simple for companies and unlocks the value hidden within your organisation's data.

Take your first step towards becoming a data driven business with the help of our talented database administration consultants.

It's all about your data

Data Discovery

We will help you discover data sources and build your Data Catalogue

Data Gap Analysis

We work out where you are and where you want to be then create your unique journey

Data Cleansing

Clean, accurate and up-to-date data is the cornerstone to good data governance

Active Database Disaster?


Successful Migrations

10 - 15

SQL Versions Supported


Instances Monitored


Monitored Databases

Mixed with our data skills and experience

Database DevOps

Build high-velocity database releases with accountability built in

Data Analytics

Reports and dashboards to describe the story your data wants to tell you

Data Engineering

Build data pipelines to let your data flow through your business

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Our Data Services

Digital Samurai are your data-focused partner and database administration consultants.

We manage, analyse, migrate and protect your data.

Our premier service where we empower your business with those elusive database administration skills.

For a more dedicated SQL Server resource, our experts can provide skills needed to cover the gap.

Data Migration

Want to extract, transform and load data to and from different applications and formats? Start here.

Cloud Services

Azure SQL Database, Azure Managed Instances and Azure data services.

Report / Dashboard Creation

Add a little flair to your reporting with some paginated reports and interactive dashboards.

From EndPoint Protection to Vulnerability Management, we have the right skills and the right technology.

Data, DBM, and SQL Case Studies

  • SQL Consolidation

  • Data migration

  • SQL Performance Tuning

  • SQL Patching

  • Application Integration

Problem: SQL Server Sprawl leading to high SQL Server License Costs

Our client had a business that was growing organically and through acquisitions of smaller businesses. The growth over the years had become large and scattered. The landscape covered various versions of the same software; SQL Server versions 7 to 2012. These versions were all old at the time and a few were well out of support with the vendor (Microsoft) leaving their business at risk from running on unsupported as well as unpatched software vulnerabilities.

Active Database Disaster?