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What is a SQL Server Health Check? 

By Ryan Freeman

July 18, 2022

SQL Server Health Checks can quickly help identify and recommend solutions to ensure that a data estate is secure, complaint, available and performing to the highest levels. 

If you have an Active Database Disaster, get immediate DBA assistance by calling 01225 375005 or emailing us at info@digitalsamurai.it 

If you’re new to SQL Server … 

SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft and it is used globally by organisations of all sizes. Most organisations will use a standard configuration to get started, but without some expert attention SQL Server can become a bottleneck, or worse. 

The specialist role for Data Platform Management is the Database Administrator (DBA) and they are the experts that can work with you to ensure everything is in running in an optimal way. 

The areas that the DBA can investigate during a Health Check include: 


Cyber criminals want to gain access to your data and use it as leverage against you – therefore its protection is paramount. A SQL Server Health Check can be used to ensure that everything is in order to fully protect your data. If it is not, the DBA can help to ensure maximum protection for your data. 


Your organisation needs its data to be stored in a compliant way, a DBA with the help of a Health Check can ensure this is the case. For example, are you GDPR compliant? 


Organisations have different demands on their data platforms and things may not be configured in the best way. A DBA will be able to look at the activity on your server (or servers) and suggest changes that can help massively improve performance. 

Query Performance 

DBAs love making data platforms perform faster and one of the ways they do this is by looking the most expensive queries. By optimising these queries more can be done in less time, with less load on the server and even with a cost saving on infrastructure. 


There are many options with how and where data is now hosted, it could be on-premises, in the cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid. The DBA should be able to advise on the best environment for your organisation and if it’s not the one you are already working in then there could be some significant benefits on the horizon. 

Disaster Recovery  

The stuff of nightmares if you do not have everything in place! A SQL Server Health Check can quickly establish if your environment has the resilience it needs to recover from any disaster – if not, the DBA will be able to get you in to that position, pronto!  

Digital Samurai’s SQL Server Health Check 

Our highly experienced team of DBAs has provided our comprehensive SQL Server Health Check to organisations of all sizes for many years. During that time, we have highlighted many ‘Priority 1’ red flags and helped organisations optimise their platforms to the highest levels. 

The Health Check process is very fast, straight-forward and we requires zero access to your systems. If you would like to book a SQL Server Health Check, or you would just like some further information, please feel free to get in touch with the team today. 

Ryan Freeman

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