September 21


The role of the Data Management Consultant 

By Ryan Freeman

September 21, 2022

Data should be the guiding light in business, driving every decision, pivot and objective. However, it is very often the case that data often flows around organisations in apparently random, incomplete, incorrect, outdated, or duplicated forms. 

A business may be moving fast but it may also not have the time or capacity to seriously address these issues. This is where a Data Management Consultant could help with invaluable expertise to resolve these issues and start the process of unlocking the goldmine that is your organisation’s data. 

Even if you believe your data management is fit for purpose, you may still be using manual processing or constantly tracking down misplaced data or using several versions of the same data set. These practices consume time and money, have an impact on data quality and divert key people from more important tasks. Data management consultancy services equip you with the wherewithal to address data problems, adopt efficiency measures and learn how to enhance the performance of your data management in pursuit of your business aims. 

There are many critical areas for the consultant to first explore, these will include the data governance framework, data architecture, data storage and warehousing, Master Data and Metadata Management (MDM), data quality control, data integration and definition and finally data transformation which includes standardisation, enrichment, and formatting. 

As you can see, these areas require highly specialised knowledge, encompassing administration, research, documentation, optimisation, and maintenance. This is best left to the experts who will be able to report back with a detailed plan of action to future-proof data management structure. 

We would love to hear if you are considering a Data Management Consultant or if you are experiencing any of the issues listed above. Digital Samurai is made up of a team of data professionals with skills and experience stretching across the spectrum of roles and technologies. If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to get in touch with the team today. 

Ryan Freeman

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