Our Expertise

We use a variety of technologies to give you a choice in how we solve your problem. This allows us to make sure that every solution delivered is compatible with your infrastructure.

Data Storage

The foundation of your data platform. Your business  requires highly available, resilient and affordable storage infrastructure. It needs to be powerful enough to deliver your data to your users on request, day or night. We offer several cost effective and scalable storage technologies.


The cornerstone technology used to build out your private cloud. Built on responsive storage technology and a hypervisor, virtualisation offers scalability to spin up and down services as needed. It is also the basis of high availability, disaster recovery and a core component of running a flexible DevOps environment.

Cyber Security

Security issues are the top threat to your business. Your business needs to defend against every attack, on every device, at all times but a bad actor only needs to find one vulnerability, on one device, at one point in time to steal your data, encrypt your files for ransom or just burn it all to the ground. Cyber Security is the only defence for your business and 'Security in Depth' is the best strategy to use. 

Spending on the Wrong Storage can Cost a Fortune!

Not knowing the difference between SAN, vSAN and NAS can cost your business a small fortune. There are many different types of storage technology and you need to use the right one for the right requirement. Do not get oversold on a technology that you do not need. We can help you decide on what you actually need and offer a choice to best suite your business.

Find out how we can help you extend the life of your current storage devices and save you from a costly mistake.

Virtualisation is About Efficiency.

Virtualisation allows you to consolidate costs and produce an agile environment that gives your business flexibility to change direction quickly. It allows you to increase your ROI on your hardware investment and allows you to maintain a tighter control through software management. It is the very foundation of the cloud and some of the most advanced software available.

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