You Need A Remote SQL Consultancy Team Today

By Matt Marsh

June 8, 2023

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Any business that runs its databases on SQL is likely to need a well-trained, reliable, and effective SQL consultant or SQL database administrator to keep everything running smoothly.

Unfortunately, experienced DBAs and SQL employees are hard to find, expensive to hire, and often move on to another opportunity quickly.

But the problem still remains – companies like yours NEED SQL consultants, but hiring a full-time database manager or even a full team of database employees is a major investment.

That’s where remote data teams like Digital Samurai come in.

Why Work With Remote Data Teams?

Digital Samurai is a team of knowledgeable SQL consultants, skilled database administrators, and cybersecurity experts that offer a wide range of solutions to companies like yours.

If your company is expanding and growing quickly, especially by acquiring other companies, it’s absolutely critical that you hire an experienced team of database administrators.


The reason is simple – with each company that you acquire, you gain one (or more) databases; and it can get overwhelming quickly.

Are all of your databases running on the most recent version of SQL Server?

Are all of your SQL databases properly secured from internal and external threats and data leaks?

Are your SQL databases optimised for performance, speed, and efficiency?

Are you able to quickly find useful data, identify valuable trends, and visualise these findings on a user-friendly dashboard?

For many companies, the answer to these questions is “No”, – but it doesn’t have to be.

All of these issues could take months for a single DBA employee to fix on their own, and a growing company might not be able to wait months for these issues to be fixed. On top of that, how do you know that these issues are being fixed at the source instead of receiving band-aid fixes and duct-tape solutions?

That’s why it’s so important to work with a team of data experts and SQL consultants that you can trust.

Digital Samurai is that team of trustworthy data experts. We’ve worked with dozens of companies just like yours and saved some of our clients millions per year in SQL Server Licencing costs.

Benefits of Working With Expert Data Teams

Consolidating your SQL databases into a single secure, optimised, standardised, and well-maintained SQL database is one of the best investments that any growing business can make.

With a lone DBA employee, this process is slow, unaudited, and potentially inaccurate. With Digital Samurai’s team of expert SQL consultants, however, this process is seamless, affordable, reliable, and effective.

Finally, Digital Samurai offers custom solutions that are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Depending on your requirements, we can suggest different recommendations that will better fit your business and ensure that your company’s growth is supported.

Contact Digital Samurai today to talk with one of our expert SQL and data consultants.

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