SQL Consultancy

At Digital Samurai, we understand that SQL databases can be frustrating to optimise, hard to organise, and can quickly spiral out of control.

With our team of SQL experts, we make it easy for you and can provide a solution for any SQL-related project, big or small.

Migrate and Consolidate Data

Our team will consolidate your different databases into a single secure, optimised SQL database, and seamlessly migrate your data to it.

SQL Performance Optimisation

We will optimise the performance of your databases, identify issues, and ensure that your SQL databases are working properly at all times.

Data Visualisation and Data Tracking

Our SQL experts can set up custom data visualisation solutions that link your data to industry-leading data visualisation systems and live dashboards.

SQL Consultancy Service Overview

Digital Samurai are your SQL and data-focused partner. We manage, analyse, migrate, optimise, and protect your data using a range of different solutions.

Performance Tuning

Poorly performing applications are often blamed on the database.

With our extensive SQL expertise and robust data optimisation solutions, we can help find and fix any performance issues.

Digital Samurai's team of SQL consultants will be on hand to optimise your databases.

SQL Server Upgrades

SQL Server needs to be patched and sometimes you need to upgrade to the latest version.

This can be a complex process and a small mistake can result in data corruption, data loss, or a decrease in database performance.

That's where Digital Samurai's team of SQL experts and consultants come in.

Migrate SQL to the Cloud

Want to move your database to the cloud?

Many companies find that the cloud is a useful way to store data. However, it can be a tricky process and working with a team of data migration experts is ideal.

We have the experience to plan and execute a successful data migration, no matter how large.

SQL Server Patching

An unpatched SQL Server can lead to all sorts of threats.

Data corruption and security issues can arise from poor patching practices and this can open your company up to cyber attacks and data issues.

When you work with Digital Samurai, however, we'll make sure your databases are up-to-date and completely secure from any cyber threats.

Data Visualisation

Data is valuable, but many companies don't utilise their data effectively.

This is usually due to a lack of data visualisation tools and methods, meaning that business data is typically hard to decipher and even harder to draw accurate, useful trends from.

We will set up paginated reports, mobile dashboards, and Power BI dashboards help to visualise your data and propel your business.

Data Engineering

Need data pipelines for ETL/ELT processes setup?

You need a Data Engineer.

Digital Samurai's team of data experts makes creating data pipelines easy, convenient, and seamless.

We can assist you with any data engineering tasks and set your projects up for success.

SQL Database Experts

Uncover the secrets hidden within your data.

SQL consultants are able to help you get projects back on track, optimise and secure SQL databases, migrate data from one database to another, consolidate several databases into a single one, and create custom solutions for your specific use case.

Whether you need to reorganise the structure of your company's databases, migrate dozens of databases into a centralised and optimised secure database, or seamlessly transfer important data from one database to another, Digital Samurai's team of SQL experts are able to assist.

Your databases are incredibly important and it's critical that you take the time to audit, optimise, and secure them.

Contact Digital Samurai now to enquire about our SQL services or discuss a custom SQL solution.

What Problems Does an SQL Consulting Service Fix?

What are some common issues that companies face with their SQL databases, and how can expert SQL consultants like Digital Samurai help you and your company?

Complete Projects on Time

Sometimes there is just not enough resources available to complete a project by the deadline.

People move jobs, are off sick and go on holidays leading to ever lengthening delivery dates.

Some SQL projects even require skills that you do not have on hand - Digital Samurai is here to bridge that gap.

Prioritise and Finish Tasks

Data projects get re-prioritised all the time. 

If you are one of the unlucky ones then your project gets dropped a few places on the list leaving to delays, issues, and stress.

We help get those projects over the line, on time and on budget. You get the resource you need, when you need it.

Avoid Delays and Issues

Projects can be hard to maintain in a business.

Delays caused by unforeseen technical incompatibilities often happen in IT projects, and these delays can affect a company's revenue.

If time is not built in to compensate the project timeline and delivery date keep slipping until it gets cancelled.

How Does Digital Samurai Help You With Your SQL Issues?

Root Cause Analysis of Your SQL Issues

By conducting robust audits and analyses, we can uncover why your project has not been completed on time and take steps to avoid it happening again in the future.

  • We work with you to determine why the project has drifted off course.
  • We look at the original spec of the project and what you are trying to achieve.
  • We will determine the cause of the delay.

Is it due to technical incompatibilities or have you been sold something that will not do what they told you it would do?

Create a New SQL Project Plan

Once the problem has been determined and we know what the aim of the project was we can create a new plan to achieve your project outcomes with a new delivery schedule.

We will work with your existing team or we can take the project on ourselves.

There's nothing worse than a project that never finishes and seems to endlessly sap finances and resources. That's why we provide regular updates to ensure that your project is progressing smoothly, is on-schedule, and is operating within your budget.

Whichever option you choose, you can feel comfortable knowing that your data project is going to be completed on time, to a high-quality, by data and SQL experts that you can trust.

Finalise and Deliver Your New SQL Project

The project will be fully managed by us to maximise convenience, accuracy, and quality.

We'll provide regular updates on project actions and deliverables and we'll work with you to make sure that your SQL project is on-schedule and up to the quality that Digital Samurai is known for.

After completing your SQL project, we will finalise the project with your sign off on the final delivery.

Our service doesn't stop there, however - our SQL experts will provide rigorous documentation about the project including a list of completed tasks, detailed information about the deliverables, and audits highlighting any possible areas of maintenance that may require ongoing monitoring.

Why Use Our Microsoft SQL Server Consultants?

No Agency Fees

When you work with us, you can expect a direct relationship with us and no middle men.

Digital Samurai is not an agency, so you immediately save up to 25% on any day rates by coming directly to us.

You'll also save money compared to hiring an in-house DBA team or data engineer, and you'll get a service that far surpasses other data teams.

Contact us today for more information about our SQL solutions and SQL consultancy services.

Experienced and Qualified SQL Experts

Your next SQL project needs and deserves the best SQL experts and data administrators.

All of our SQL server consultants are qualified experts that are able to help companies just like yours with their SQL and database issues.

With decades of database experience, dedicated support, and industry-standard best practices, Digital Samurai is ready and able to assist your company with SQL projects, large or small.

Most importantly, they are experienced in the technologies that we use day-to-day.

When you work with Digital Samurai, you know that you're working with a team of experts that are able to help you every step of the way.

Strong Partnerships With Leading Companies

We are backed up by multiple software and hardware partnerships giving us a direct relationship with the companies you know and trust.

From Sophos to Microsoft and Oracle to Veeam, we work with industry-leading software and hardware providers to offer you the best possible service.

Our data experts and SQL consultants leverage these partnerships to provide a brilliant DBA service that is ideal for companies of any size and effective for both simple and complex projects.