Let your data tell the story.

Unlock the secrets in your data with Singularity.

With Singularity and the Digital Samurai team, you can unlock the power of your data like never before.

Our cutting-edge data visualisation platform combines advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and intuitive visualisation to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions in real-time.

Seamlessly connect to your data from hundreds of sources.

Custom Dynamic Dashboards

Custom-made dashboards that dynamically update and reveal data trends in your business data.

Easy to see KPI's

With easy to read KPI's you can tell exactly where your business is and what direction you are heading into.

Powerful Data Integrations

Integrate Singularity with over 150 data sources including HubSpot, AWS, Salesforce, and others.

Data Analytics On-The-Go

Smartphones showing  dashboards from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Keep your company's dashboards in your pocket.

Singularity is optimised for any and all devices including tablets, desktops, laptops, and smartphones.

Whether you need to view your company's dashboards on-the-go, bring up your data on a tablet during a meeting, or deep-dive into your organisational performance on a computer, Singularity can do it all.

Interested in a demo? Contact our experts today and a member of the Digital Samurai team will get in touch with you to showcase the power and convenience of Singularity.

Powerful Data Visualisation

Desktop monitor showing graphs from a dashboard from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Enable data-driven decisions and identify trends.

Visualise your company's most important data with powerful, customisable dashboards that reveal the secrets hidden in your data.

Singularity is ideal for all members of the team; from managers and interns, all the way up to board-level executives, CMOs, and CTOs. Singularity's robust data visualisations provide clarity on your company's performance.

Conduct sales forecasts, performance audits, operational overviews, and more with Singularity. Book a demo with Digital Samurai today.

Seamless Data Integration

Desktop monitor showing a bar chart dashboard from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Connect and consolidate data from 150+ sources.

Connect to hundreds of popular data sources from platforms such as HubSpot, AWS, Salesforce, SAGE, and more.

Singularity is built for convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness. Analyse your data and compare trends from over 150 data sources and industry-standard software programs.

Get a comprehensive overview of your business with Singularity's range of robust data visualisation dashboards, seamless software and data integrations, and easy-to-use user interface.

Your Data Secured

Desktop monitor showing a dashboard chart from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Stunning dashboards without sacrificing security.

Make sure that your users can only access the data they need. With row level security you can restrict access to specific accounts whilst allowing managers to view data from all accounts.

Singularity's single sign-on, identity verification, and secure authentication methods ensures that your company's data is kept safe, secure, and easily accessible at all times.

With Singularity, all of your company's data is at your fingertips.

See Singularity in Action