Cyber Security

Security in Depth

Cyber Security needs to be thought about in layers. Just like more layers of clothing can keep you warmer, more layers of security can keep you safer. Here we show you what to think about.

Network Layer

The most obvious security appliance that you most people think of first is the trusty Firewall.

To protect against the latest threats you really need to invest in a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). New threats are found everyday so updates need to be regularly released.


Every Mobile Device, Server, PC, Laptop and Access Point is an Endpoint and needs to be protected.

Anything that runs software is susceptible to getting a virus. Bad actors love to turn devices that should be working for you, into devices that work for them. Endpoints need protection and the ability to be quarantined in case of compromise.

Synchronised Security

The latest technology in the fight against bad actors is the creation of synchronised security.

Synchronised Security is the ultimate implementation of security in depth. This technology allows your devices to communicate with each other in order to protect your network before an issue is detected by the security team.

Where to Start When Thinking About Cyber Security

Next Generation Firewall.

When you talk about network security the first device that springs to mind is a big trusty firewall, the guardian of network access. Nothing provides a stronger feeling of safety than a dedicated piece of hardware on your networks perimeter but is it up to the task of defending from the latest threats and techniques? You need a firewall that can do more than filter traffic you need to be looking at a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW).

One Secure Central Point of Management.

Endpoints, there are so many and they are every where running all sorts of operating systems. What is an endpoint? That is the question you want to ask if you want to start a fight. For us we define every device as an endpoint. You need all of your devices to be protected and ideally managed from one central point allowing for a complete view of connected devices.

Consider Mobile Devices.

Mobile devices are beginning to outnumber people. In fact the last survey we read determined that the average person carries 2.4 devices each. One of those is always a smartphone. What access points do you allow your smartphones to connect to? Are they trusted hot spots only or can they connect to any potentially compromised WiFi network?

"Cyber Crime is now larger than all other forms of organised crime combined" - Michael George

'Cyber Security is just too expensive for us!'

You know what they say about hiring professionals: "If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur..."

The same is true for security: "You can pay once now or you can pay five times that later..."  and either way you will find yourself paying something, the only questions

are how much and when?

Cyber Security is the built in cost of doing business using technology.

The savings you make on one part of your business, by technology allowing you to scale very quickly with fewer people, requires that some of the savings go back into protecting your business, your customers and most importantly you from fines or even jail time.

How Can We Help Your Business?


It’s not just viruses, Trojans and malware you need to worry about anymore.

Ransomware has become a massive problem for companies over the last few years.

We offer several solutions to help protect your business against those threats.

By working with you we can put in place the systems you need to defend yourself from bad actors.


Encrypt for safety. What could be worse than finding out that your network defences have been breached and vital personal and customer data has been stolen? Feeling sick yet?

By encrypting your data you can make sure that it is not ‘lost’ even if it has been copied. Using encryption can be an ultimate last line defence keeping your clients safe and your reputation in tact.


Do you have intrusion detection and prevention systems in place?

Are you running audits of successful and unsuccessful login attempts?

If your systems were compromised how would you know? Would you be able to respond to a ransomware attempt to encrypt your files or would you have to spend days restoring systems and files whilst taking the hit on lost work?

Cyber Security is not a Game.

Over the past few years businesses have realised that Security is not optional it is mandatory. New legislation is being bought out the world over, the biggest so far being GDPR. New responsibilities twined with massive fines are certainly getting the attention of C level executives. Have you got Cyber Security under control or are you unsure of where to even start?

“There are several misconceptions about cyber security. The first is that you can leave it out and easily add it in later. The second is that it's someone else's problem.” - Digital Samurai

Other reasons for ignoring Cyber Security...

'We are a small business no one will want to attack us'.

Hackers do not care how big your business is, some just do it for the fun of breaking in to nose around, others just want to watch the world burn. Some are looking for a bit of street cred to flash around the internet. More often than not they are choosing to compromise smaller companies networks in order to install their own tools and increase the size of their botnets so they can go after the bigger businesses. Don't let them use you as a tool.

Having a solid security strategy is vital for the modern business. We implement 'Security in Depth' in order to reduce the risks. Each deployment we complete is customised to our clients exact needs.

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