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"Is the database running slow?" - Answered

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Let's have a quick chat over a coffee (the DBA's favourite drink) to find out more about your business and how you protect your databases from corruption and downtime. 

Find out how we bring a scalable DBA team to businesses of all sizes and how it can keep your business performing at peak performance. 

DBAaaS can be used as your data department or extend your teams skills and resource to allow your internal team to focus on projects.

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Book an informal chat to tell us what databases and applications your business uses, where you want your data to take you and find out how you can use your data to drive more value for customers.

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Book a SQL server health check to find out potential issues across a wide variety of touch points on your data platform


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"Were the backups successful?" - Answered

DBAaaS Provides

Everything you would expect your DBA to be doing and all the things they do not have time to do....

  • Backup Management
  • Index management
  • SQL Health checks
  • Security Audits
  • troubleshooting
  • Perf monitoring
  • database restores
  • integrity checks
  • Ha monitoring

DBAaaS has many benefits...

  • Ever heard "Is the database running slow?" and wondered, is it? 
  • Have reports ever stopped going out on schedule?
  • Have your SQL agent jobs suddenly started taking much longer to process?

As DBA's we investigate and resolve all of the above as part of our roles. You can get instant access to these skills all for a fixed monthly fee.

  • Save time: Get instant access to the database skills you need without waiting months to hire for the role
  • Extend the team: Adds extra resource to your team to free up your internal team to focus on projects
  • Qualified: Experienced certified DBA's available to resolve issues before they become problems 
  • Great Value: Gain an entire team of DBA's for a fraction of the cost of a single Junior DBA

What others are saying about Digital Samurai:

Digital Samurai know data...

We had a data project which involved the creation of an ETL process which could move and transform our data into an easier format to present using Power BI. Everything we needed was taken into account and our process is efficient and easy to manage.

lorcan  //  GDPR Compliant Data Expert

SQL Consolidation Project...

We needed a SQL consultant to come in, see what we had and come up with a plan to design a new modern data platform whilst consolidating all of our older SQL Server versions. We saved a fortune on SQL licensing which completely paid for the project.

Facilities management  //  Head of IT

Data Migration Project...

We needed additional resource to complete a Data Migration project on time as more work was handed to us. Digital Samurai completed the Sage 200 data migration on time, on budget and all data was migrated, to the penny. 

Jamie blake  //  Data Migration Lead

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