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The fight for data professional talent has only just begun. In many cases businesses are unable to compete against all of the big companies and most of the medium sized businesses. Getting the most from your data platform and your data will determine if your business survives the next decade in a rapid fight for customer insight.

  • Revealed: Why it is so hard to fill DBA roles no matter what size organisation is searching?
  • How To: Optimise your data platform by reducing costs, cutting waste and improving availability.
  • Solution: Discover the service that can provide the skills you need whilst reducing the overheads you need to avoid.

This service provides you with:

SQL Server Monitoring

Our DBA's actively monitor your SQL Server environments for login failures, backup and restore failures and process activity to spot potential issues before they start to effect your applications.

Regular Health Checks

A healthy database needs regular integrity checks. We perform regular DBCC integrity checks to spot data and metadata corruption.

Security Audits

Security is not a set and forget task. We actively manage database and server permissions, run audits and recommend improvements to keep your data secure.

Performance Improvements

Databases grow and change over time leading to slow access times if not properly maintained. We perform routine maintenance to keep your data available and your applications responsive.

What others are saying about our services:

Digital Samurai know data...

We had a data project which involved the creation of an ETL process which could move and transform our data into an easier format to present using Power BI. Everything we needed was taken into account and our process is efficient and easy to manage.

lorcan  //  GDPR Compliant Data Expert

SQL Consolidation Project...

We needed a SQL consultant to come in, see what we had and come up with a plan to design a new modern data platform whilst consolidating all of our older SQL Server versions. We saved a fortune on SQL licensing which completely paid for the project.

Facilities management  //  Head of IT

Data Migration Project...

We needed additional resource to complete a Data Migration project on time as more work was handed to us. Digital Samurai completed the Sage 200 data migration on time, on budget and all data was migrated to the penny. 

Jamie blake  //  Data Migration Lead

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