Data migration doesn't need to be risky.

Does your company need help with data migration?

Deciding to migrate data to a new database can be daunting.

Unfortunately, many companies rush and work with inexperienced data administrators.

Avoid these issues by working with Digital Samurai's team of data migration experts.

Expert Data Migration Analysts

Our team of experts have successfully completed over 150 data migrations, from simple migration tasks to complex data consolidation projects.

Avoid Migrating Dirty Data

When completing a data migration project, our team follows industry-standard best practices to ensure that your data migration goes perfectly.

Optimised, Verified, and Secured

We verify your data before migrating it to a highly-optimised, fully-secured database. Our process minimises errors and maximises performance.

Our 3-Stage Data Migration Process

Data Cleansing

The key to a successful data migration is deciding what data is going to be moved and cleaning the data to fix errors and issues.

Digital Samurai takes care of this for you to expedite your project and set the stage for a successful data migration.

Data Migration Cycles

Your newly-cleansed data then needs to be extracted and transformed to fit the destination system.

We achieve this by operating in cycles and migrating your data to the new database in a controlled and procedural way.

Data Reconciliation

Finally, we perform a data reconciliation check to compare and verify your source data and destination data.

After confirming the accuracy of your data, we migrate the data to your new optimised and secure database.

Making Data Migrations Easy

Seamlessly migrate your data with Digital Samurai.

Many data migration projects fail and inexperience with data migrations is one of the major causes.

For a successful data migration, you need a tested and trusted methodology.

That's where Digital Samurai comes in.

Our team of data migration experts have successfully completed over 150 data migrations for companies just like yours, from simple data migrations to complex data consolidation projects.

If your company needs to complete a data migration project, contact us below to book a consultation with our data migration team.

Dedicated Data Migration Experts

Keep your project on track with a dedicated expert.

Every successful data migration project is led by an experienced data administrator.

With Digital Samurai, you can feel comfortable knowing that your important and complex data migration projects are being managed by experts with decades of data migration experience.

Your dedicated data migration consultant will ensure that the project is kept on track and ultimately delivered successfully.

Contact Digital Samurai today to enquire about our data migration solutions.

High-Performing and Secure Databases

Your new database will be secure, powerful, and optimised.

We take the time to migrate your data to a fully-secured database that is optimised for maximum performance and speed.

By consolidating your data in a powerful, secured database, your applications will perform much better and will delight users.

Your new database will also be secured using industry-leading cybersecurity software from our partner, Sophos.

Interested in learning more about our data migration solutions? Book a consultation today.

Bespoke Data Migration Processes

Bespoke processes that are tailored to your project.

Every data migration is different. As a result, we make sure to tailor our data migration process to your project requirements to maximise success.

We prepare a wide range of data migration templates and methodologies to track source data and destination data down to the schema level.

We then use a combination of SQL Server, T-SQL and SSIS to extract, transform and load the new destination system.

This time-tested process allows us to verify each record and avoid any data issues.

We've successfully completed over 150 data migrations and we can do the same for your company.

Contact us today to learn more.

Data Migration Project Rescues and Recoveries

Need to recover a failed a data migration project? We can help.

Whilst we always recommend contacting us before starting any data migration projects, some companies attempt to complete data migration projects using in-house resources or teams with inexperienced data engineers.

Sometimes a company has already made an attempt, encountered an issue during the migration process, and is in need of a full-scale data rescue to salvage the project.

With our custom data migration disaster recovery solutions, we can help rescue failed data migration projects or take over data migration projects that are yet to be completed.

A data migration rescue would start from what you already have in place, what went wrong, and a plan to get the project back on track.

This could include starting at the beginning of the project to make sure that all requirements have been correctly captured.

Our team of data migration experts would then create a robust data migration rescue strategy and provide regular updates about the progress of your data rescue.

Experiencing a data migration disaster and need urgent support? Book a consultation now.