Outsource your data projects to a reliable team of experts.

Database Administration as a Service also known as Database Administrator as a Service provides specialist Microsoft Azure, Oracle and SQL database support that empower small and medium sized businesses to better manage, optimise and secure their data cost effectively.

Reduce Costs

We help you to reduce your database expenditure, freeing up budget to invest in other IT projects.

Work With Experts

Our accredited team provide specific Microsoft Azure, SQL and Oracle database expertise.

Optimise Performance

We monitor your data and quickly resolve any issues, keeping your database up-to-date, fast and secure.

Why Should You Consider DBA as a Service?

You may have either a resource or skills-based challenge or you may need to improve or change the way you manage your databases.

Our customers naturally fall into one of three categories, each requiring outsourced data administration services on a long or short-term basis. They have either:

No Database Administrator

Usually smaller businesses where there is no dedicated database administrator role and where there is no need or budget for a full-time database resource.

A Single or 'Accidental' DBA

Where one person has all the responsibility and internal knowledge about the organisations data, making them a single point of risk. In some companies this role could have been filled internally from another IT position, but it is common that they lack DBA experience.

A DBA Team

Here there is a team of at least two administrators who understand how critical the data is to their business. However, it is common for project work to take priority and basic database management can get neglected.

We also regularly work with companies who need to change how they manage their data. They want to:

Drive More Cost Efficiency

Skilled inhouse resource may be costing too much as DBA salaries and other employee overheads are increasing. Our Database Administration as a Service can provide a cost effective way of acquiring a range of skilled professionals for a flexible monthly fee.

Quickly Increase Specialised Expertise

Specialist technology requires specialist knowledge which may not be available in an inhouse team. DBA’s are also in high demand and market availability is low. Our team can provide the required expertise quickly without lengthy recruiting or onboarding processes.

Get Continuous Database Resources

Small inhouse teams bring a business continuity concern when employees leave or are absent. When both people and their knowledge are no longer available, it can create vulnerabilities. Quickly tap into our pool of experts with a range of niche or accredited skills who can provide ongoing resource for all database management services.

Focus on Core Competencies

Businesses may need to concentrate on core business activities and may not want to divert resources and attention to managing databases. With our specialist team in place, database performance and security are maintained, and internal teams can focus on delivering visible projects to customers and stakeholders.

Have 24/7 Support and Monitoring

Organisations with global operations or critical applications require continuous database monitoring and support. Where internal teams cannot scale, our outsourced services can provide round-the-clock support, ensuring prompt issue resolution, monitoring, and maintenance even during non-business hours.

Be Set Up for Growth

A company experiencing rapid growth needs a flexible and scalable database to handle increasing data volumes and user loads. Our dedicated team monitor database capacity and quickly facilitates technical and resources adjustments to scale the database infrastructure as required.

Security and Compliance

Industries such as healthcare, finance, or government must adhere to strict data security and compliance regulations. We provide expertise in data security and compliance ensuring that databases are configured and managed in accordance with industry standards, and closely monitored reducing the risk of data breaches and legal issues.

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What Services Are Covered in DBAaaS?

Database backup and disaster recovery infographic

Database backup and disaster recovery

Although our focus is on proactive data management by providing elite database back-up solutions, monitoring and integrity checks our team will quickly action any data recovery required in any disaster scenario at a fraction of the cost without compromising service quality.

Data security and data privacy infographic

Security and data privacy

We take data security very seriously and use comprehensive security technology to protect you against cyber threats, data leaks, corruption issues and GDPR violations.

Regular security audits quickly identify vulnerabilities and threats for immediate remediation.

We also help to implement strict privacy rules so data and applications can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Database monitoring and database tracking infographic

Database monitoring and tracking

Our database monitoring services can be active during working hours or continuously 24/7 and 365 days per year.

Benefitting from robust monitoring software, our teams can detect and resolve any issues promptly.

Database performance optimisation and company performance improvement infographic

Performance optimisation

Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve and optimise your databases.

Through capacity planning we make sure that you can handle your desired volume of data.

Continuous reporting and health auditing ensures that your database remains fully functional, patched, updated and running on the latest versions, and is running at optimal speed.

DBAaaS Packages Available


Standard Cover

  • Standard cover 
  • Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • Priced per instance
  • Agentless monitoring


Extended Cover

  • Extended cover
  • Monday - Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Priced per instance
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Issue remediation


Full Cover

  • Full cover
  • Monday - Sunday
  • Priced per instance
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Issue remediation
  • 24/7 Out-of-hours support

Benefits of DBAaaS

Quick start-up; DBA resource available immediately.

Access to a highly experienced and fully certified team with skills covering the full database landscape.

Access to specialist technology not usually available to SMBs.

Packages to suit the level of support required.

No recruiter fees.

Ability to scale up or down with your data platform.

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Why Digital Samurai?

When you work with us, you can expect a direct relationship with us and no middlemen.

We are not an agency, so you immediately save up to 25% on any day contractor rates by coming directly to us.

You'll also save money compared to hiring an in-house DBA team or data engineer, and you'll get a service that far surpasses other data teams. You'll be working with a team of experts that are able to help you every step of the way.

All of our SQL server consultants are qualified and accredited experts that are able to help companies just like yours with their SQL and database issues. Most importantly, they are experienced in the technologies that we use which are often out of reach for many companies.

We are backed up by multiple software and hardware partnerships giving us a direct relationship with the companies you know and trust. From Sophos to Microsoft and Oracle to Veeam, these industry-leading providers help us to offer you the best possible service.