DBA as a Service

'Database administration as a service' is a new, modern way of empowering companies with high-quality data engineering and data administration solutions at a fraction of the cost of an in-house DBA team.

With database administration requiring so many different competencies, softwares, and proficiencies, it makes sense that many businesses want to work with an outsourced team of experienced data professionals such as Digital Samurai who can manage your databases quicker, better, and cheaper than in-house DBAs.

Whether you need basic database monitoring and issue remediation services, or a custom 24/7 solution with out-of-hours support and database optimisation, Digital Samurai has a DBA solution that's right for you.

24/7 Monitoring

Our DBA experts offer database monitoring 24/7, 365 days per year. Any database issues are identified promptly and fixed right away.

Robust Security and Backups

With industry-leading backup services, disaster recovery solutions, and Redgate SQL Monitoring software, you'll never need to worry about database issues again.

Performance Optimisation

We optimise your databases for maximum performance, conduct regular audits, and ensure that your databases are running perfectly.

DBA's are hard to keep and harder to find!

Why should you consider DBA as a Service?

DBAs are in High Demand

DBA's are incredibly hard to find. We have created a list of over 200 vacancies for DBA's in just the last 60 days. Everyone is after a DBA to extend a team or replace a team member moving to a new job. Demand outpaces supply and costs are rising.

Low Supply of DBAs

It is almost impossible to find a junior DBA role anywhere. In fact the one place that has them occasionally is London and they are paying up to £45,000 for a junior DBA with 1 years experience! Our experienced DBA's actively mentor our Junior DBA's.

DBA Salaries are Expensive

Salaries are really sky high for DBA's right now. In London they can be anywhere from £60,000 to £90,000 and they offer remote working. Can you compete with London prices and large business budgets? Find out how to get access to the skills you need for the budget you have. 

SQL Server 2012 Extended Support ends July 12th, 2022

What do DBA's Do?

The modern DBA often gets assigned projects and tasks needing a range of skills but the main tasks have always and will always be to secure, manage and maintain the database platform. Hire us for DBA consulting services. 

Backups and Recovery

A DBA is the role charged with protecting and recovering data in a disaster scenario. Find out about backup types, strategies, disaster recovery and high availability.


Users and applications should only be able to access the data they are authorised to see. It is a DBA's role to make sure data is secure even down to the row level.


Database servers usually contain multiple databases connected to a range of applications. A DBA's role is to make sure they perform well and do not impact each other.

DBA as a Service includes the following

  • Patch Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Security Audits
  • Backups and Test Restores
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Health Audits
  • Index Management
  • Database Integrity Checks
  • Stats Management

How Do We Deliver DBAaaS?

What makes our Uk DBA as a Service the best choice?

Monitoring Service

We use Redgate SQL Monitor and a few other tools to monitor and troubleshoot any issues that arise on your SQL platform. Licencing is included in our service so no need for additional budget for software costs. Basically, Digital Samurai has got you covered.

As we are monitoring your database platforms 24/7 we will usually pick up and resolve any issues before they have been reported. In the event that an issue happens suddenly you can log a ticket on our service desk via email or call us for the fastest response.

Proactive Response

Remote but UK based

All of our SQL Server and data professionals are based in the UK allowing us to provide a reliable and responsive service. Our engineers are currently working from home but can be found across multiple locations in the UK.

Why Use DBA as a Service?

Whether you are building your data team from scratch or looking to extend your internal team in a cost effective way

DBAaaS can help you fill the skills gap you have on the budget available

Access skillset instantly

Don't waste three to six months looking for a DBA and another three to six familiarising them with your business processes just for them to leave after a few weeks. Fill that skills gap now.

Remove single point of failure

Having one DBA is great until they go on holiday, are off sick, take maternity / paternity leave, are sent on a training course and so on. When you need one you really need two or a team.

Better Value

Focus your internal resource on delivering visible projects to customers and stakeholders whilst making sure the basics and business as usual tasks are completed on time for lower cost.

What is covered by DBA as a Service?

  • SQL Server - On Premise
  • SQL Azure Managed Instances
  • Azure SQL Database

DBAaaS Plans

Designed to monitor and notify your team of issues

Standard cover Mon - Fri 9 to 5
Priced per instance
Agentless monitoring

Price on


Designed to monitor and remediate issues for you

Extended cover
Mon - Fri 8 to 6
Priced per instance
Agentless monitoring
Issue remediation

Price on


Designed to monitor and remediate issues for you with OOH support

Full cover
Mon - Sun 24 / 7
Priced per instance
Agentless monitoring
Issue remediation
Out Of Hours Support

Price on


Not enough?

Well here are a few other things we will also do as part of DBA as a Service!

Actively reduce costs

That's right - we will actively look to reduce your operational expenditure costs in a number of ways. This will enable you to invest in the latest technologies which will increase your business growth velocity.

Best practice

We have seen what works across dozens of businesses. We take that knowledge and apply it to your business processes, giving you decades of proven success in just a few months.

Quarterly reviews

Businesses need to react fast to changing market conditions. We work with you to plan where you want to take your business, then we make sure  everything is in place to get your business where it deserves to be.

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