Case Study – SQL Consolidation And The Benefits

By Matt Marsh

January 30, 2023

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This case study explains how Digital Samurai assisted a client struggling with a standard issue; having too many SQL servers and using different versions of SQL.

The client was expanding quickly via organic growth methods and acquisitions of smaller businesses. As a result, they had several databases running different versions of SQL spread out across all of their brands. 

The client eventually encountered serious issues with each of the client’s brands using different databases and not a central database.

Unfortunately, some of these databases ran on unsupported and defunct SQL versions that the industry no longer uses. This puts the business at risk for security vulnerabilities, bugs from unsupported software, and other problems.

Benefits of SQL Consolidation

Digital Samurai solved this problem by consolidating the client’s SQL data from their different businesses into a single central database that runs on the most recent and modern software. This solved many issues and benefitted the client in several ways: 

  • Improved security because they were using software that was still supported and had vendor support available
  • More accessible data management because they now had one central database instead of multiple scattered databases
  • More streamlined processes across the client’s portfolio of brands as all staff members were now working with the same software and database
  • Better training and coordination across the client’s companies as everyone was now using the same master database instead of different versions
  • Much better value for money compared to hiring a dedicated database administrator (DBA) at over £70,000 per year
  • A bespoke solution that perfectly fits the client’s needs
  • Savings on future expenses by preventing potential security vulnerabilities and database issues caused by using outdated software


In conclusion, Digital Samurai dramatically improved the client’s brand portfolio’s organisation, security, and overall workflow. 

By consolidating the client’s data into a single central database, we could improve security, streamline processes, improve coordination, and save the client money. 

Digital Samurai specialises in helping businesses with data discovery, migration, data analytics, SQL consolidation, cyber security, cloud services, and DBAaaS (database administration). 

Make sure to contact us today for all of your database, cloud, and cyber security needs!

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