Database DevOps

All databases grow and change over time

To keep track of changes, reduce development time and maintain availability you need Database DevOps! 


Team based Development - deliver database changes faster, free up time for your development team and make it simple for teams to collaborate


Database Deployments - Speed up software delivery with repeatable processes that stop your database being the bottleneck


& Preserve Data - keep sensitive data safe and compliant without slowing development down


performance and availability - database monitoring has never been more vital for detecting and resolving performance problems before they impact your end users

SQL Server 2012 Extended Support ends July 12th, 2022

Why should you implement database DevOps?

Businesses need to be able to deliver solutions fast in constantly changing market conditions. That requires efficient and streamlined processes that enforce data protection for business critical data.

Speed to Market

Implement best practice, track changes and reduce the time to market of each new feature request

Data Protection

Ensure critical business data remains protected when restoring from production to development environments 


Allow developers to see the performance of their code in development and production environments

Lower Risk

Smaller, faster deployments reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot any issues that arise from a release

Benefits of Database DevOps

  • Standardise Deployments
  • Improved Oversight
  • Protect business critical data
  • Increase Reliability
  • Integrate with existing tools
  • Repeatable Deployments
  • Object Level History
  • Work with native SQL
  • Drift Detection

How Do We Deliver DBAaaS?

What makes our DBA as a Service the best choice?

Monitor and Optimise

We use Redgate SQL Monitor and a few other tools to monitor and troubleshoot any issues that arise on your SQL platform. Licensing is included in our service so no need for additional budget for software costs. Basically we've got you covered.

As we are monitoring your database platforms 24/7 we will usually pick up and resolve any issues before they have been reported. In the event that an issue happens suddenly you can log a ticket on our service desk via email or call us for the fastest response.

Protect and Preserve

Automate Deployments

All of our SQL Server and data professionals are based in the UK allowing us to provide a reliable and responsive service. Our engineers are currently working from home but can be found across multiple locations in the UK.

Why Use DBA as a Service?

Whether you are building your data team from scratch or looking to extend your internal team in a cost effective way

DBAaaS can help you fill the skills gap you have on the budget available

Access skillset instantly

Don't waste three to six months looking for a DBA and another three to six familiarising them with your business processes just for them to leave after a few weeks. Fill that skills gap now.

Remove single point of failure

Having one DBA is great until they go on holiday, are off sick, take maternity / paternity leave, are sent on a training course and so on. When you need one you really need two or a team.

Better Value

Focus your internal resource on delivering visible projects to customers and stakeholders whilst making sure the basics and business as usual tasks are completed on time for lower cost.