Database Administrator Agency in Bath

Elevate your data projects with the expertise of Digital Samurai in Bath, UK.

Continuous Database Surveillance

Our skilled DBA professionals provide round-the-clock, 365-day monitoring of your database. Problems are detected and resolved by our team of expert Bath-based database administrators.

High-Security Databases

You can rely on our top-notch backup services, disaster recovery solutions, and Redgate SQL Monitoring software to eliminate any concerns regarding database disruptions or data corruption.

Improve Your Database's Performance

Our data specialists in Bath are dedicated to optimising your databases for peak performance. We conduct routine assessments, enhance speed, and ensure your databases operate flawlessly.

Why Do You Need a Local Bath-Based DBA Agency?

Wondering about the advantages of opting for DBA as a service with Digital Samurai?

Explore the common challenges businesses frequently encounter and discover how our skilled database administrators can support your Bath-based company.

DBA Demand is on the Rise

Database administrators (DBAs) are in high demand, and finding them can be quite a challenge.

In the past 60 days alone, we've identified over 200 DBA job openings. Companies are constantly seeking DBAs to bolster their teams or replace team members who've moved on to new opportunities.

As the demand for DBAs outstrips the supply, the costs of hiring these professionals are steadily increasing.

Low Supply of DBAs

Locating junior DBAs is a particularly daunting task.

In Bath, opportunities for junior DBA roles are few and far between.

Remote roles are hard to fill with competent DBAs and every business wants a physical presence.

Our seasoned DBAs actively mentor our junior data administrators in our office in Bath, providing invaluable guidance and support.

Rising DBA Salaries

DBA salaries have reached new heights.

In Bath, these salaries can range from £30,000 to £50,000, often accompanied by remote working options.

Can your budget compete with these prices, especially considering the constraints of smaller businesses in Bath?

Discover how to access the skills you need within your budget.

Data Downtime Before Hiring

Why spend three months searching for a DBA employee and another three months getting them acquainted with your Bath-based business processes, only to have them depart after a few weeks?

Bridge the skills gap with DBaaS. Our team of DBA experts in Bath are available around the clock to monitor and address your data needs.

Avoid Data Catastrophes

Relying solely on an in-house DBA can be convenient until they take a holiday, fall ill, or attend lengthy training courses.

In reality, companies benefit from having a team of DBAs rather than a single point of failure.

Our office of DBA experts in Bath eliminates this risk by offering 24/7 support for local companies.

Improve Your Data ROI

Maintaining an in-house DBA team can be costly, particularly for smaller businesses in Bath.

With our DBAaaS solutions, you can allocate your internal resources to deliver tangible projects to customers and stakeholders.

We handle additional tasks at a reduced cost without compromising quality, providing a cost-effective alternative for your database needs.

DBaaS Solutions That Will Boost Your Bath-Based Company

Avoid astronomical data fees with Digital Samurai.

Say goodbye to the sky-high costs of maintaining an in-house DBA team with Digital Samurai.

At Digital Samurai, we're redefining the way you approach database administration in Bath, offering cutting-edge solutions to empower companies with top-tier data engineering and administration services.

Our team of Bath-based data professionals provide the experience, efficiency, and excellence that businesses like yours need to succeed and thrive in Bath.

Making database administration simple for Bath businesses.

Database administration in Bath demands a wide array of competencies, software proficiencies, and a soft touch.

Recognising these complexities, Bath-based businesses are turning to our seasoned team of data specialists who can manage your databases faster, more effectively, and at a lower cost compared to in-house DBAs.

Contact Digital Samurai's team today to book a demo or visit our office in Bath.

Work With Expert Database Administrators in Bath

High-quality, reliable DBA expertise in and around Bath.

A pivotal role of a database administrator in Bath is safeguarding and recovering data in the face of disaster scenarios.

Many companies grasp the importance of regular data backups and disaster recovery strategies, but not all can justify the expense of hiring a dedicated in-house DBA team for this purpose.

That's where Digital Samurai's database administration experts in Bath step in, offering elite database backup solutions and reliable disaster recovery options at a fraction of the cost, without compromising quality.

Maintain secure, reliable, and disaster-proof databases.

Ensuring data security is fundamental in Bath, where users and applications should access only authorised information.

Database security, when executed correctly, shields your company against cyber threats, data breaches, and GDPR violations.

At Digital Samurai, our DBA specialists in Bath work tirelessly to secure your databases 24/7, safeguarding against internal and external threats, data breaches, and data corruption issues.

Maximise the speed and performance of your databases.

Database servers are complex ecosystems hosting multiple databases linked to various applications, which necessitates the watchful eye of a DBA.

Our team of DBA specialists in Bath takes on this role, guaranteeing optimal database performance, minimising interferences, and addressing issues promptly.

We provide 24/7 database monitoring solutions from our office in Bath, coupled with issue resolution and out-of-hours support, ensuring your vital databases remain efficient, up-to-date, and fast.

How Does Our Bath DBA Agency Help You?

Improve your ROI on data administration projects.

When you partner with Digital Samurai in Bath, you enjoy a direct relationship with us, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

We are far less expensive than hiring an in-house data team and you'll save money without sacrificing any quality. Our team of Bath-based data administrators are veterans with years of experience and are actively mentored by senior DBAs at our office in Bath.

Compared to hiring an in-house DBA team or a data engineer, you'll save money while receiving a service that surpasses other data teams in Bath.

Contact us today to inquire about our database monitoring solutions in Bath.

Expert database administration from local Bath DBAs.

All our SQL server consultants in Bath are qualified experts, ready to assist companies like yours with their SQL and database challenges.

They bring experience in the technologies we use, ensuring that when you collaborate with Digital Samurai, you're working with a team of experts ready to guide you at every step.

Contact our DBA experts in Bath today or visit our office in Bath to book a meeting.

Supporting local businesses in Bath with data excellence.

Our partnership with leading software and hardware providers, including Sophos, Microsoft, Oracle, and Veeam, solidifies our position as a trusted DBA service in Bath.

Our data experts and SQL consultants in Bath leverage these partnerships to offer outstanding services suitable for companies of any size, addressing both straightforward and intricate projects.

Whether you need a basic data monitoring setup or a bespoke, fully-remote data solution, Digital Samurai is ready to empower Bath-based companies like yours with data expertise.

DBAaaS Plans


Monitor your databases and notify your team of any issues

  • Standard cover 
  • Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • Priced per instance
  • Agentless monitoring


Monitor your databases and remediate any issues for you

  • Extended cover
  • Monday - Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Priced per instance
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Issue remediation


Monitor your database and remediate any issues for you with 24/7 out-of-hours support

  • Full cover
  • Monday - Sunday
  • Priced per instance
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Issue remediation
  • 24/7 Out-of-hours support