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Using a CRM to improve customers’ experience

By Ryan Freeman

October 14, 2022


The many ways customers experience products, services and brands play a huge part in how they are judged.

But what does customer experience mean? Customer experience is your customers’ impression of your brand as they move through all parts of the buyer’s journey.

It’s crucial because it affects key business metrics, like how much customers spend and whether they buy more or recommend your product or service.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you create a great experience by using data to personalise and tailor your communications with prospects, first-time customers and repeat buyers.

So, let’s dig into the three ways a CRM can improve your customer experience.

Engage with customers on the channels and devices they love

When you choose a CRM system, like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, you can make support hassle-free for your customers.

They can find solutions to their queries via self-service, community or social media channels, with the CRM software intelligently directing them from any channel to the right agent.

Responses can even be automated using artificial intelligence, meaning bots can be ready anytime or night with a quick response.

That frees up the humans for the more significant or critical enquiries.

A sound system will also analyse data from connected devices, meaning support issues can be flagged and headed off before they can develop into real headaches.

Get personal!

A sound CRM system will allow you to collect data on why your customers buy your products or services, providing critical insights into the customer experience.

It delivers the relevant data to your customer service agents through a single interface and dynamically guides them to the right actions.

Your agents can discover how a customer first heard about you, what contact points led to them buying from you, and how well those interactions worked.

This information lets you anticipate needs, personalise every interaction, and deliver value at every touchpoint.

Learn and improve

CRMs use questionnaires, chat forums and social media conversation-tracking to help you improve your customer experience.

You can also accelerate onboarding with tailored in-app learning that informs your new customer service colleagues of new features and identified best practices.

A sound CRM system can speed up your time to market by enabling you to use no-code visual editors and tools to build and deploy web and mobile apps quickly.

It can also help you integrate your service systems, creating better engagement experiences. Dynamics 365 automates processes across Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the Dynamics 365 stack applications, and third-party systems.

And if you choose Dynamics 365 Customer Service and the Microsoft cloud platform, trust Microsoft’s state-of-the-art data centres to keep your information secure.

Ryan Freeman

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