Data Department as a Service

With our 'Data Department as a Service' solution, you can get instant access to the expert data skills you need, when you need them.

Work With Expert Data Specialists

When you work with Digital Samurai, you know that you're working with a team of expert data administrators, data analysts, and data engineers that you can trust.

Fill Data Roles Without Delay

Our 'Data Department as a Service' solution enables companies to instantly access a team of experienced data specialists without hiring a full in-house data team.

Achieve A Faster ROI on Data Roles

All companies need access to data specialists, but in-house data teams can cost you over £500,000 per year in salaries. Our DDaaS solutions cost just a fraction of that.

What Data Roles Are Included In Our Data Department as a Service Solution?

Our 'Data Department as a Service' solution instantly empowers your business with high-quality, expert data specialists that are available 24/7.

Digital Samurai's data team consists of experienced data specialists, data engineers, data analysts, DataOps experts, business analysts, and chief data officers.

In comparison, you would need to hire several employees that each specialise in a different aspect of data administration or data engineering to achieve similar results.

A typical data department team consists of the following 8 key data roles:

Data and Analytics Team Roles

Data architect avatar

Data Architects

Data Architects design and create the structure and organisation of data systems, ensuring they meet the needs of the organisation and align with its goals.

They also establish data standards and best practices.

Data engineer avatar

Data Engineers

Data Engineers develop, construct, install, and maintain the systems and architectures that allow for the processing and storage of data.

They build data pipelines and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.

Data analyst avatar

Data Analysts

Data Analysts examine data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that help organisations make informed decisions.

They primarily exist to transform raw data into relevant and actionable insights and analyses.

Data scientist avatar

Data Scientists

Data Scientists employ advanced statistical and analytical techniques to derive insights from data.

They develop predictive models, machine learning algorithms, and conduct in-depth data research.

Data Support and Data Management Roles

Data administrator avatar

Database Administrators

Database Administrators manage and maintain databases, ensuring data integrity, availability, and security.

They also monitor the overall health of a database and the hardware that it resides on.

Cybersecurity engineer avatar

DataOps Engineers

DataOps Engineers focus on building data pipelines for the organisation.

They create data pipelines, implement new data solutions, and maintain data pipelines within the organisation.

Business analyst avatar

Integration Engineers

Integration Engineers are responsible for integrating databases, applications, and software throughout a company.

They work with other data specialists to come up with a high-quality integration process.

Chief data officer (CDO) avatar

Chief Data Officers (CDO)

The Chief Data Officer is an executive responsible for an organisation's data strategy.

They oversee data governance, ensure data quality, and align data initiatives with the company's overall goals and vision.

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How Does Our Data Department as a Service Solution Benefit You?

An illustration of a data department team in a data office

Instant access to a full team of experienced data specialists.

Companies like yours don't need to wait up to six months to recruit and hire data experts and data specialists.

While your company is working with a recruitment agency, vetting data team candidates, and training new employees, your competitors are working with reliable, effective, and expert data departments like Digital Samurai to manage all of their data-related tasks.

Avoid this hassle and wasted time by directly working with our experienced data specialists.

Flexible Data Talent

Instant, on-demand access to a flexible team of expert data specialists that fulfil your data needs.

Fix Data Skill Shortages

Fill skills gaps with our team of data experts, tech specialists, and IT administrators.

Data Expertise on Demand

Gain access to bespoke data expertise in a flash with our DDaaS solution.

Empower your team with advanced data skills in a flash.

By working with Digital Samurai and utilising our 'Data Department as a Service' solution, you can get immediate access to expert data skills and specialist data roles at a fraction of the price of hiring an in-house data team.

Fill data skill gaps in an instant, empower internal projects with our data expertise, and augment your team with our data department.

With our flexible Data Department as a Service solutions, your business can benefit from data expertise on demand without needing to hire an in-house data team.

More Technology Experience

Our data technicians have worked with hundreds of technologies. Access them all with DDaaS.

Empower Existing Teams

Support your in-house data team with specialist roles available in our DDaaS solution.

24/7 Data Support

24/7 access to a team of data specialists for projects as well as day-to-day data and IT tasks.

Access a wider range of skills with our team of data experts.

Every business needs access to some sort of data specialist. Whether that's a data architect, a data analyst, or a data administrator, companies like yours can benefit from data roles.

However, hiring a full team of data specialists can be incredibly expensive, hard, and timely.

That's where Digital Samurai's 'Data Department as a Service' solution comes in.

Our team of elite database specialists based in Bath can empower your company, no matter if you're based in the UK or internationally. Contact us to learn more.

Achieve a Faster ROI

Get projects live quicker, maximise performance, and increase your ROI in data roles.

Fill Data Roles Quickly

Avoid the recruitment game - work with Digital Samurai to fill specialist data roles right away.

Convenient and Effective

Get personalised, convenient data and IT solutions from our Bath-based data department.

Reduce the time from 'need' to 'have'.

With our 'Data Department as a Service' solution, your business doesn't need to wait months before accessing key data skills.

Our team of data experts in Bath will instantly empower your company with essential data skills, speed up data-related projects, and help you uncover the value hidden in your data.

Whether you need to quickly migrate data, set up a database, or complete a complex data project, Digital Samurai's 'Data Department as a Service' solution is perfect for you.

Speed Up Projects

Cut project timelines from years to weeks with our experienced database administrators.

Reveal Valuable Data Trends

Our data analysts and data scientists can set up comprehensive dashboards to reveal trends.

Your Full Data Department

Don't worry about hiring an in-house team; simply work with our convenient data department.

Complete projects faster with our expert data department.

We're also able to help with more advanced data requirements and our team of data specialists can help your company with any data-related task or project.

Simply contact our data department in Bath to access all of the data expertise that your company will ever need.

Our team can get started on new projects immediately, take over incomplete data projects and get them back on track, or boost your business with ongoing data and IT support.

Remote Data Expertise

We can provide robust, convenient remote data and IT assistance from our office in Bath.

Global Reach and Support

Our reach doesn't just stop at Bath; we work with companies in the UK and throughout the globe.

Dynamic Data Teams

We provide the right data expertise at the right time; no unneeded roles are forced upon you.

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