Desktop monitor showing a dashboard from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Boost your business with data visualisation.

Discover Singularity, a data dashboard solution for companies just like yours in Bath.

  • Breathtaking data dashboards to visualise your data.
  • Make data-driven decisions using Singularity.
  • Condense your data dashboards into a single universal source.
  • Consolidate your data dashboards to save money.
  • Reveal valuable trends with Singularity's in-built predictive analytics.
  • Seamlessly connect data from over 150 data sources.

Create custom data dashboards and visualise data from over 150 sources.

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Tailored Data Dashboards

Custom personalised dashboards that uncover valuable data patterns within your company's data.

Clear KPI Visibility

Effortlessly track your Bath-based company's current status and its trajectory.

Hundreds of Data Integrations

Link Singularity with over 150 data sources such as Oracle, Excel, Salesforce, and others.

Convenient Data Dashboards

Smartphones showing  dashboards from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Access your data dashboards via your mobile.

Harness data visualisation on your terms, whether you're on the move or in a meeting.

Singularity, a versatile data visualisation software by Digital Samurai, enables you to view your Bath-based company's dashboards on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Want to see Singularity in action?

Contact our experts in Bath, and a member of the Digital Samurai team will show you how Singularity can transform your business.

Multi-Device Accessibility

Access your data dashboards effortlessly on phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. 

Live Data Updates

Stay informed with live data dashboards that update along with your data sources.

Aesthetic Data Visualisation

Deliver custom data dashboards to clients or team members during critical meetings.

Empowering Businesses in Bath With Data Visualisation

Make data-driven decisions with Singularity.

Singularity unlocks your Bath-based company's data secrets with powerful, customisable dashboards.

Our new data visualisation solution caters to every team member, from managers to board-level executives and interns to team leaders.

It combines advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and intuitive visualisation, enabling companies in Bath to make data-driven decisions.

Perform sales forecasts, performance audits, operational overviews, and more with Singularity.

Request a demo today.

Automatically Predict Trends

Uncover key data trends with Singularity's built-in predictive analytics and trend analysis tools.

Instant Data Visualisation

Connect data from over 150 data sources, create custom data dashboards, and visualise your data.

Inform Decisions With Data

Ditch the guesswork; use Singularity to unveil the value hidden in your data.

Integrate Data From 150+ Sources

Desktop monitor showing a bar chart dashboard from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Sync up Singularity with your most used programs.

Connect and consolidate data from over 150 sources, including HubSpot, AWS, Salesforce, SAGE, Oracle, Excel, and more.

Singularity streamlines data analysis, offering comprehensive dashboards, software integrations, and a user-friendly interface to Bath-based businesses just like yours.

Singularity is crafted for your convenience, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your data analysis. Explore insights and track trends across more than 150 data sources and industry-standard software programs.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business with Singularity's extensive selection of data visualisation dashboards, effortless software and data integrations, and a user-friendly interface.

Hundreds of Data Integrations

Create data dashboards and visualise data from over 150 popular data sources.

Agile Data Visualisation

Connect your data source to Singularity, create a custom dashboard, and generate reports instantly.

Access Every Dashboard

There's no need to view dashboards in dozens of programs - sync them up to Singularity.

Secure Your Data Dashboards

Desktop monitor showing a dashboard chart from a data visualisation software called Singularity made by Digital Samurai

Set up authenticators on your data dashboards.

Ensure that your users only access relevant data through row-level security, restricting access to specific accounts while granting managers visibility across all accounts.

Singularity employs single sign-on, identity verification, and secure authentication methods to maintain the safety, security, and accessibility of your company's data at all times.

With Singularity, your company's data is easily accessible whenever you need it.

To learn more about Singularity or book a demo, contact our team of data visualisation experts based in Bath today.

Secure Individual Dashboards

Establish individual profiles and allocate varying access levels for interns, managers, and clients.

Keep Your Dashboards Private

Keep your data dashboards secure with Singularity's in-built security settings.

Authentication and Verification

Set up private data dashboards with two-factor authentication and verification features.