Case Study: Sage 200 Data Migration

The Story

Businesses are constantly growing and being bought out and sold by each other. One of the biggest projects a company can do besides a digital transformation is merge with another company. There are so many different parts that need to be thought about, migrated or left in place and deciding which parts undergo migration is the first step.

A few things to think about are the following questions:

Do we merge our HR systems and processes or just migrate employees data over?

Do we lift and shift their hardware or do we just migrate the services to our existing infrastructure?

Do we take the historic financial transaction data across to the new system or just use the totals taken at a point in time?

Business mergers can be hard work but knowing what needs to be done gives you a starting point to look out from. There are so many things that need to be integrated during a merger from processes to systems. Data integrations make up a large part of the work as everything is data. It can be structured or unstructured but data it remains.

The Problem

Finance has to be to the penny and we would not have it any other way. We were tasked with migrating financial data of a £70 million turnover company's accounts into a much larger billion turnover business due to a recent acquisition. It needed to be completed accurately and quickly to coincide with group reporting dates. 

The migration was between two accounting packages, the source was Sage 200 to and the destination was OpenAccounts. They needed a company with experience and a solid data migration methodology to accurately complete the migration.


The Solution

Using our data migration method and process we were able to accurately build out our ETL process for their migration. Using SQL Server and SSIS we were able to cleanse the data, extract it from the Sage 200 source system and transform it to the required OpenAccounts format. We kept the lineage and had the data signed off at each stage ending in a successful import out of hours.


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