Case Study: DataXcel - Data Visualisation

Leveraging innovative data visualisation to uncover consumer insights.

The Problem

DataXcel, Ireland's premier collector of consent-driven data, needed a way to visualise and derive insights from the vast consumer database that they have been building for well over a decade.

As a leading player in the direct marketing leads industry, DataXcel recognised the need to offer clients a way of navigating their extensive database to understand what marketing opportunities exist, whilst viewing the latest data available.

DataXcel previously communicated the breakdown of the data to clients was via static images in PDFs and on the DataXcel website.

To find the latest numbers available, the team would manually query the database to calculate the various counts.

The Solution

Sage 200 Data Migration

Recognising DataXcel's commitment to transparency and measurable results, Digital Samurai proposed a tailored visualisation solution.

The objective was to provide DataXcel with a dynamic platform to explore, understand, and present their consumer data in a visually compelling and intuitive manner.

Digital Samurai's team, led by experienced Data Analysts, worked closely with DataXcel to understand their unique requirements.

Leveraging the Singularity platform and best practices in data visualisation, they crafted a solution that would empower DataXcel to not only analyse their data efficiently but also put their clients in the driving seat.


The new visualisation platform provided DataXcel's team with a branded, user-friendly interface, that was also made public via the DataXcel corporate website.

Clients and prospective clients now have the opportunity to interact with the platform and segment the data in real-time using multiple selections (location, gender, age, number of children and residential status).

Digital Samurai's innovative approach to data visualisation has not only addressed DataXcel's immediate challenges but has also positioned them for sustained growth in the competitive landscape of direct marketing leads.

The case of DataXcel showcases the transformative power of leveraging cutting-edge technology to unlock the full potential of data, however complex.

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