What is Azure SQL Managed Instance? 

By Ryan Freeman

October 17, 2022

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There are a few flavours of Azure SQL, so we thought it could be helpful to go into each in more detail. Today, we focus on Azure SQL Managed Instance (SQL MI for short) and some advantages of using this exciting database technology. 

Firstly, Azure SQL Managed Instance is part of the Azure SQL family of managed, secure, and intelligent products that use the SQL Server database engine in the Azure cloud. 

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering and is best for most migrations to the cloud. SQL Managed Instance is a collection of system and user databases with a shared set of resources that is lift-and-shift ready. 

Let’s take a look at the features in more detail:  

Always use the latest version of SQL  

Azure SQL Managed Instance is built on the SQL Server engine, and with this PaaS, you will run from the latest version of SQL Server, including updates and upgrades.

You, therefore, always automatically have access to the latest SQL features and functionality. 

SQL Server Compatibility 

We have mentioned that SQL MI is lift-and-shift ready; you can move your apps without worrying about compatibility or performance changes.

SQL Managed Instance (by design) maintains the highest SQL Server compatibility levels, so features like cross-database queries, linked server, and support for Windows authentication are all transferrable. 

Boost Database Administrator Productivity 

DBAs (Database Administrators) are assisted with features to make their data platform management more effective.

These powerful features include built-in high availability, accelerated database recovery, automated backups and AI-powered automatic tuning to optimise performance.  

Maintain Workload Isolation 

With Azure SQL Managed Instance, you can complete networking isolation for your workloads through native VNET support.

You can control inbound and outbound traffic where the SQL Managed Instance is deployed. 

That concludes our brief introduction to Azure SQL Managed Instance. We’ll take a deeper look into the Azure SQL family members. Next up is SQL Server on Azure VMs. 

Digital Samurai 

Digital Samurai lives and breathe SQL Server, and now Azure SQL – is built on SQL Server. We would love to hear your plans for your Data Platforms, whether you are working on-premises with SQL Server, considering migrating to the cloud or have even been ‘born in the cloud’! 

With our team of SQL Server and Azure SQL experts, we offer help in all areas (upgrades, migrations, management, analytics, security) and are a friendly bunch, so please feel free to get in touch!

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